I'm reconsidering my decoration scheme in the bedroom. If I were living by myself, it would be a whole lot easier. But I have to consider Hubby, who would not approve of anything deemed "too girly", like florals and anything in the pink family. Finding something that doesn't look too masculine or boring has been quite a struggle. Initially, I thought to decorate with a Indian theme, along the lines of an English traveler living in Bangalore. But things took a decided different turn when Hubby went to Japan. He sent me a souvenir, an original painting by a local artist. It was done in the traditional Japanese brushed painting technique. There really was no place to put it, besides our room.

And then Mom gave me a couple of prints with Kanji. So I put those up as well. And our hampers are a woven wood, which look somewhat natural.

The bamboo blinds arrived and we put those up over the weekend. So instead of a blank wall, we now have a lovely variegated backdrop. I had to take down the prints, but I'll put them elsewhere in the room. We had a print of Van Gogh's "The Bedroom", but took it down, as it no longer fit the scheme.

It started with the bamboo blinds, but now I have my eye set on other bamboo items and things that are Asian.

Bamboo Candleholders from World Market

Artificial Bamboo Plants from Pier 1, because there isn't enough light to grow the real thing or even those lucky bamboo plants.

Bamboo Frame, to hold a mirror. It's been hard to find a mirror with a bamboo edge. I'm in no hurry, but this is an option.

I'm also seriously considering going with a maroon or other dark red curtain. I think it will really add to the room, as well as some new bed linens.

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Yvett said...

Ooh, thanks! I LOVE those candle holders! I feel ya, Michelle. I'd have my bedroom all vintage and pink if it were just me. I often wonder why I can't just have one of those "let the woman decorate however she wants" type of guy.