Hubby and I are the occasional wine drinkers. When making something special, a bottle of wine can make it even better. We're not exactly wine snobs, but we're pretty particular about what we like. We haven't met a Chardonnay or Merlot that we've liked. Or Zinfandel, white or otherwise. But there are many varietals that we both really enjoy, like pinot noir, pinot grigio/gris, a meritage (preferably the cab-merlot blend), cabernet, roses (particularly of sangiovese), chianti. I could go on.

But yesterday, we went to our local Thai restaurant, Benjarong Thai. We had a coupon which required the purchase of two beverages. Looking at the wine list, I saw they had a wine made from Asian Pears. I'd never heard of such a thing. Initially, I thought it would be sweet like a dessert wine, but the description made it sound otherwise. So I tried a glass and was very much surprised. It wasn't too alcoholy, which bugs me big time. It was fruity and spicy and very much refreshing. A perfect Summertime wine.

Now doing a little research about it, I find out it's made by a tiny little winery called Windfall. They're up in the San Juans and they're not widely available. However, they do ship. Rejoice!

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Yvett said...

That sounds really good. You had me at fruity.

I have to admit that I am a wimpy wine drinker. I seem to have a very low tolerance for wine.