Despite it being very cold and a little snowy this morning, it's hard to not think about Spring...and lessening the amount of makeup I wear. I'm still looking for a good tinted sunscreen. Right now I have philosophy's, but the color is a little too pale for me.

Kiehl's | Ultra Facial Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15

p.s. Happy March!


Yvett said...

How is that on sensitive skin, Michelle? I'm curious to try it, but I think that if you remember my eyebrow episode, you know that I have super sensitive skin.

Michelle said...

Are you asking about the Kiehl's or the philosophy stuff? I haven't actually tried the Kiehl's. This is a new product, but I hear they are very generous with the samples. All you have to do is ask at their stores or call them. I do know Nordy's will give a sample of just about any beauty product as well. I guess you just need to try the products to see how you react. Generally the fewer ingredients, the better.

yeah, that eyebrow incident looked downright painful. glad to see you're not too emotionally scarred. though, it may be caused by faulty technique, and not necessarily the wax.

emigre said...

I've heard of good things about Benefit's you rebel, a SPF 15 tinted moisturizer, maybe you can check it out sometime.