I think I may be stuck in a rut. Nothing much is really going on right now. We're just drifting along awaiting the arrival of warmer weather. I have been doing some window shopping, but haven't been spending all that much. As much as I love new cookware, it's not as interesting as say...shoes. Work's been busy, and when I get home, I don't want to do much else. I'm lacking inspiration for cooking, but I think it's because I'm running out of ideas. As I haven't been watching many cooking shows lately. I feel like I'm running out of things to talk about. Stuff has happened, but I'm thinking they are so everyday that nothing jumps out immediately.

Let's see....

- I found a new blog via not martha called Happy Mundane. Love that there's a lot of pictures.

- We went to a furniture store called the Old Cannery. It's a local favorite that I've heard about, but never visited. It's a huge old building and it's really hard to explain, but it's no ordinary furniture store. They have a fudge shop inside and stuff to entertain the kids, like a toy train running through the entire warehouse.

- Our company opened a location near Palm Springs. The regional manager wants me to come down. I say, "I wish." However, it's currently in the 90's, and that's a little too hot for me...though the sun sounds real nice right about now.

- We're going skiing again tomorrow. I'm hoping for no rain. If not, there's a bar in the lodge.

- Still looking at chairs. I was able to check out the Egon chair at Ikea and they are a great match. Now Hubby has to see them. Loving that Ikea's in Spring mode already. Picked up a couple of planter pots - this one and another one the same size that is decorated with green and aqua stripes. They're going in my office at work.

- Top Ten Bathroom plants - a handy resource. (thanks to not martha for blogging about it).

*sigh* Have a lovely weekend, all!

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wyn said...

Cheer up. =)
I think I know what you're going through. Since Seattle and Vancouver get hit by pretty much the same systems, it made a world of sense to me why things are so down right now when I came across this news article.
I really do marvel that people measure rainfall and talk about which months - of our many months - get the most and how we're breaking records like it's cool - but it's not.
We've had 130 fewer hours of sunny weather since November than normal, which translates to three months of lost sunshine. Really hits you.
Enjoy really temperate weather and find cozy-weather things to do. =)