I was just looking for the cheap lift ticket special at Safeway**, when I spotted something else...

"Click, Shop, Fly" With your Safeway Club Card, you can accumulate airline miles. I never really had mileage plans because we don't fly that much or very far. But I shop primarily at Safeway for my groceries. We could probably rack up the miles pretty quickly. So, maybe there will be a short weekend getaway in the future.

Which prompted me to look at other Club Card perks.

***UPDATE: The "Click Shop Fly" that is affiliated with Alaska Airlines is now OVER.

One that I already know about and have even blogged about, eScrip, is still going strong. To recap, it's a way to give back to schools and other organizations just by doing what you'd already do...shop at Safeway, use the Club Card. You can register other cards as well, but I only have the one registered.

Upromise. You've probably heard of this. I certainly have, but didn't think that I could benefit until I actually had a child. But you can...

"Can I save with Upromise even if I don't have a child?
Yes. You can save for a friend's child, a relative - or even a child you hope to have in the future. You can even save for your own education - regardless of your age. To help a friend or relative's future student save for college, join Upromise and then go to the Family and Friends section of your account. If you hope to have a child one day and would like to start saving now, enter your own name as the student you are saving for - you can update your information in the Future Students section of your account when the child is born."
AWESOME!!! Because my credit union just joined Upromise as well. So, I'm got this thing started as well. For when the time comes... (I'll keep you posted! No asking! But if you would like to help, shoot me an email.) Also found a promotion code "BN5" that will get your account started with $5.

But while looking through the site, I found this in the FAQ's...
"Can I withdraw company contributions from my Upromise account without transferring them to a savings plan, and if so, how?
You can withdraw your Upromise contributions at any time during your membership. To withdraw company contributions from your Upromise account, submit a letter in writing to Upromise requesting a withdrawal from your Upromise account. The letter must state your full name and exact amount that you would like to withdraw, up to total amount available in your account, pending contributions are not eligible for withdrawal."
From that, I gather that you don't even need to have a future child. You can keep the money for yourself! Little known fact, I suppose...

So, by doing nothing much extra, we're getting miles, donating to worthy causes, and funding the college education of our future child. Crazy! And I thought the 10 cents off per gallon fuel discount was good....

**The special is 2 lift tickets at the Summit at Snoqualmie for $79 (regularly $50 each). I am assuming this is for Washington locations only, but not valid at the two stores that are the closest to the resort.

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