I think I may be failed to mention much about the ski trip. It was great, and we all had a wonderful time. I got to test out my new gear, which revealed that the boots are tad too small. I was told that you want a boot that is *just* the right size, so that when you're in the skiing position, your heels come back, giving your toes more room. Well, considering all the time spent not in the skiing position, I'm learning that this is not practical. And I have the injury to prove it.

Yes, it was the first time using the boots, but a bruised toe should not be a step to breaking them in. Yes, a bruised toe. It's bruised under the toenail. Not completely, it's more like half-way, starting at the cuticle. On my big toe. I took off the nail polish so I could actually see what was going on. It's the strangest feeling, too. Luckily, despite the toe pain that day, only one toe was injured.

After going through the week trying to wear shoes that would be most comfortable (my Dr. Martens were the best, my new Sorels provided ample toe room as well -but only worn because it snowed), Hubby and I trekked to the ski shop to get them fixed. Not all places can customize a ski boot, but those that can, can do amazing things. My brother has very large feet. When we were getting ski gear as teenagers, he was a size 13. But they didn't make that size, unless you wanted to spend an exhorbitant sum. But what they could do was take a size 12 and heat stretch it to 13. Knowing this, I knew I wasn't stuck with boots that were too small. And I might not even have to pay for it since they fitted me.

Each day's getting better for my toe. It stopped hurting after a few days, and right now it feels fine. Unless I apply pressure to it, then it just feels like it's going to fall off. But I was assured that it would not fall off, by the boot technician who himself has lost many a toenail due to his racing ski boots. Yikes! I even got a pedicure and wore my peep-toe pumps, and it felt fine.

On a related note, while we were there, Hubby bought a snowboarding package. So now he doesn't have to rent anymore. My favorite part? His boots look like work boots, just a little bigger. After he gets the bindings mounted, he'll be pretty much set up to go anytime. He's already declared himself, "done with lessons". I told him we should probably go to Snoqualmie next time, as I think it's easier to practice there. It's more wide open, less trees and more space.

When I get my boots back, of course.

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