I saw this link at LJC, and I think it's really helpful.

ConsumerReports.org - Organic products, when buying organic pays (and doesn't) 2/06

Hubby and I weren't all that big on the organic thing. It just costs so much more. Like 3 times as much. And we'd buy it if it were more affordable, or if we had no choice, or if it looked that much better (as is the case with strawberries at Trader Joe's). But at our local Safeway, there seems to be more and more items being labeled as organic...they have their own line of organic products.

It seems more important to buy organics, however. I didn't realize how many chemicals end up in the food. Quite scary to think about. Unfortunately, we don't grow our own. The dogs would tear up a raised garden. Though, I do think a container garden would work well. Hmm...

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wyn said...

I like the concise list of what to buy what not to buy, and the gray area - other lists tell you the difference between free-range and organic and all sorts of information useless to me.
Other than packaged Safeway 'O' products, I haven't noticed their selection for, say, fruits and vegetables. In any case, they are woefully expensive and I'll use this list to scour my fruit/vegs market instead. Thanks for the link!