Who knew it'd be so hard to find a ski jacket. I suppose it's the timing, but there's still plenty of snow in the mountains. I suppose the retail schedule can mess things up. All things Spring are dominating the shelves.

Hubby's gift to me is a ski jacket, but he wasn't about to go out and buy one....so we went shopping together. After hitting the usual places, sporting good shops and whatnot, I still had no jacket. I tried some on, but wasn't in love with anything. The selection was not there, or they didn't have my size. "Everyone's your size," Hubby explained. That, and I'm a picky bitch. If I'm going to buy a ski jacket, I'll be wearing it for a long time. So I better love it.

Alas, I'm still on the hunt. There's more places I can check out, and I may end up waiting until Ski Bonkers (Labor Day weekend). But I'm hoping that I won't, as there's still plenty of skiing yet.

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