For a lot of people, thinking about death is not exactly fun. And for those without heirs, it's not really a priority. But if you have anything of value, you should have a plan. And that's where a will comes in.

And it turns out, you really don't need a lawyer to draw up a will. You can do it yourself. And we're all about DIY and saving money in legal fees. Real Simple recommended Nolo's Simple Will Book, which will help you fill out a legally valid will (in the US, except in Louisiana). I picked up a copy, but have yet to look at it. It also comes with a CD, which has the forms that you can fill out.

For more morbidly important things, there's the matter of having a living will. Why have family members fight each other over your best interest, if in the case you cannot speak for yourself. That's where having an "Advance Directive" will come in handy. Fill out an advance directive for yourself and potentially save some heartache later. At least your wishes will be known. Why not have your whole family fill one out? It'll be a fun day for all. And get some ice cream later to lighten the mood.

Or go buy some shoes.

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Yvett said...

Thanks for all the helpful links. Yes, this is a horrible thing to think about, but important.