Is it too late to talk about corned beef? St. Paddy's Day has come and gone, uneventfully. But it was a rare evening home with Hubby. I made a corned beef and cabbage dinner in the slow cooker. It turned out awesome. Also picked up some soda bread from the store. That's about as Irish as we get. I'll turn down the green beer, thank you. I love the corned beef brisket goes on sale to bargain prices for the holiday. That means we can buy two of them.

Here's the recipe - or what I did.

Cut up 3 Yukon Gold potatoes and threw in the cooker with a bunch of baby carrots and a quartered onion. Patted dry a piece of corned beef. Sprinkled the spice packet over the veggies with a little bit of kosher salt. Cut up the corned beef into pieces so it would fit in the slow cooker, place on top of veggies. Put enough water to almost cover the beef (stuff will shrink and settle). Cooked on low for 10 hours. Removed everything from liquid. Put meat and veggies in oven to keep warm, covered in foil. Strained liquid into small pot to get out small pieces and spices, brought to simmer. Quartered up cabbage, not cutting out the core. Cooked cabbage in liquids until it was tender.

Yum. Slow cookers RULE.

Hubby made some corned beef hash with the leftovers and they were delish. He was inspired by AB's recipe, though he basically just fried it all in a cast iron skillet. So manly.

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Lys said...

OK - how sad of an irish wench am I. MY corned beef debaucle came from Publix and let me tell you. Y.U.C.K.Y. Maybe its because my grandfather's family came from the Emerald Isle and knew how to make corned beef. I dunno. However, I will be putting your recipe into play next year, that's for sure!!