I won't lie...I cannot draw. Why do I mention this? You may have seen that yes, I want to get a tattoo. This is not a new thing. I've wanted one since high school. And I've wanted the same one ever since. A fish. A flowy fish with beautiful fins. A Koi. I'm also a Pisces...coincidence?

Initially, I wanted two fish, kinda like a yin and yang. But I decided that maybe one is enough. I don't want to it to be labeled as a Pisces tattoo. And after much deliberation, I decided that it will go on my ankle. (Previous locations - small of back, back of shoulder).

I tried to draw what I had in my head. And it turned out awful. But at least I always tried to look out for drawings of fish and whatnot. A couple of years ago, while browsing in a yoga shop looking for a mat, I spotted a rack of artcards. This one above is the closest thing to what I want.

There's apparent symbolism of a Koi tattoo. But first and foremost, I want a fish tattoo. Dad used to call me his "guppy" because I loved the water and to go swimming. I decided on a koi tattoo because I wanted something Asian looking. It would look the best, considering I want it to only be done in black.

I think this will be the year that I'll finally get my tattoo. Sis wants to get another tattoo, so we'll probably go together.

But from what I hear, tattoos are addictive. So perhaps I should start planning for my second one as well. And I do have an idea...but I can't draw it on paper.


Yvett said...

That's a really nice design. You know, I think in most tatoo places, the artist will work with you if you have a general idea.
Good luck, I've heard the ankle hurts.

wyn said...

A koi tattoo reminds me of the blogger, Winnie (aiyah.net) who has a huge koi tattoo on her back. Here's a link to her entry about getting it and is amongst other pictures on her site (http://aiyah.net/scribble/01/oct01/102601.htm).

I think it's great, especially with all the symbolism for you.

Lys said...

That is stunning and I like the idea of symbolism.

From what I remember about tattooing, I know my tattoo was painful as ALL hell. It's on the base of my spine and good lawd, my friend thought I was going to break her hands from the pain... however, anywhere there is bone, it's gonna hurt *sigh* Keep me posted and use LOTS of neosporin after it's over....