Now, Starbucks is great. No matter where you go in this country, when you go to Starbucks, you know that the coffee will be what you expect. Consistency. They have that going for them. And for a nonfat grande latte, that's fine most days. (It didn't used to be, however. They've tamed the coffee a lot in recent years, no longer "Charbucks").

But on occasion, I want chocolate. Dark chocolate. And no amount of Hershey's syrup is going to satisfy the craving. Despite being in the Espresso Stand Capital of America, not many places have dark chocolate. Lots of places have numerous flavors, but I think that is because one major supplier - DaVinci Gourmet - is local.

I didn't like dark chocolate before. I didn't understand why people wanted Special Dark. It wasn't sweet and it didn't make sense. But I think as I'm getting older, my tastes have changed. It's less about the sweet, and more about the flavor. Dark chocolate is more intense. And Hubby is actually the one that got me started on the dark chocolate mocha thing. He was working at the airport for a bit, and in the Central Terminal, there's a Starbucks and a Dilettante Cafe. He can be anti-Starbucks, so he went to the Dilettante. And they have the dark chocolate mochas - Dark Chocolate Mocha, Ephemere Dark, and Extra Dark Chocolate. And they can be made as hot chocolates as well.

But, there's a small problem - there aren't very many Dilettante Cafes around. That isn't necessarily all that bad. However, Tully's recently put a dark chocolate mocha on the menu (Intense Dark Mocha). I believe they're using Ghirardelli chocolate for that. It's like having a liquid candy bar, but not as sweet. Tully's is also right by my work. So, I'm trying to limit myself to one per week.

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wyn said...

That sounds really yummy and could turn me back onto mochas (too darn sweet). Those cafes sounds like really local chains. Maybe given Vancouver's proximity to Seattle, we might see it pop up at the local chains, too. =)