My new "everyday pan" arrived, and I got to use it once to make up some hash browns. They turned out great, and I love that it has a lid. Awesome!

But as Sis started packing her things, I was left with that pan and a cast iron skillet as my only pans. (Got plenty of pots and sauce pans, thank goodness).

I had the opportunity to go to Bed Bath and Beyond, armed with some coupons. I wanted to see if they had Calphalon's Tri-ply stainless everyday pan. After seeing they didn't have it, I opted instead for a more traditional skillet (I was still undecided about having another glass lid anyway). I found a mini-pan that I liked - even though it's Emeril's (but made by All-Clad).

And I just ordered that Calphalon Commercial Nonstick griddle, as it just dropped in price again. Gotta cook the pancakes in something!

So, looks like I'm back to complete, with some quality stuff. Yay! Now I just gotta get to cookin!


Lys said...

Ok - I hate to ask - what's wrong with Emeril's line *scared* Not that i have one or have any bookmarked *cough cough* just curious :)

Michelle said...

ha ha! I wouldn't say there's much wrong with his line. I've heard excellent things about it. I just don't want people to think that I bought merely because of the celebrity endorsement. I haven't used it yet however, so we'll see.