Elephant jewelry at Tarina Tarantino. Elephants are becoming a favorite animal of mine, joining horses and turtles (land and sea). I love a lot of her jewelry, but wish it wasn't so prohibitively expensive. (Have been eyeing these earrings for some time, in every color.)

Pietra shoes by Naturalizer. I have the black patent, but see they now have it in a smooth black leather. They're actually quite comfortable, because they're not the tallest. I'd topple over in anything too tall, or roll my ankle. And that, my dears, is not very girlie.

Starla Flip Flop by Coach. Can you guess which one I love the most. The stripe. Of course.

Philosophy's Coconut Milk Scrub. If it smells as good at it sounds, this will be difficult to resist.

Marc Jacobs Rain Splash - I'm intruiged. I love a good fragrance that's subtle and clean smelling.

Coach Legacy Stripe Bangle - love a good bangle. And this one is hefty and colorful.

Here's to Spring!

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Michelle said...

I checked out the black peep-toe shoes in person, and I have to say, they look a whole lot better in the picture. They look more matronly in person. I think it has something to do with the seam. But they also have a polka dot version that's cute, as well as a floral. But since they won't mesh well with my wardrobe, I didn't try them on. Oh well...