Confession: I'm a "word nerd"

I think it's kind of a gift, though. I know words. I wouldn't say I have the largest vocabulary, but I know lots of words. Reading books has aided me in finding misspellings and beating my Hubby at Jumble and Scrabblegrams.

This is a new thing at our house. Hubby's trying to improve his memory, and you can do so by exercising the brain. Since we get the daily paper, there are the same puzzles in the "Coffee Break" sections. So he does the Sudoku, and together we do the word games.

I'm pretty good at the Jumble. The words just pop out at me. I can't explain it, and Hubby gets upset. He's pretty competitive. But he gets more upset when the Scrabble dictionary contains words that he deems "are not words". But it's something we do together and it's quite amusing.

If you're a word nerd too, another good game is "Text Twist". I could potentially play this for hours....


wyn said...

I'm a word nerd, too! It's quite satisfying to know that you're not confined to a limited vocabulary and ability to express yourself. I keep urging the Boy to get a word game for our next purchase but he keeps shooting it down. :( Sometimes I feel *so old* to play all the games in the games section of the newspaper (crossword, "make up words from 9 letters presented", sudoku....)

Yvett said...

I call Text Twist crack. I can't get up once I start playing that.

I don't know about me. I think I used to be smarter and know more words before I had kids. Now I think I have a mommy vocabulary. :P

Michelle said...

crack, indeed. after playing it a while, my thoughts are clouded with word combinations. it's crazy!