Walking to my bus stop from work, I go by this art gallery on most days. I love looking in the windows to see what art is on display. But this particular exhibition caught my eye.

All the prints were of birds. But not just birds....they backgrounds were not naturescapes, but more mixed media collage type. It wasn't until now, that a new exhibition is on display, that I remembered to try to find out the name of the artist.

His name is Paul Brigham. And here's one of my favorites. I just love the colors and the fact that there are two birds...a couple, sharing the same branch.

I'm more particularly aware of birds because my Mom took up birdwatching during their stay in Texas. Even though I was pretty good at noticing wildlife, she made me more aware of birds in particular.

Patricia Rovzar Gallery | Paul Brigham

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Lys said...

You know what I'm going to say right... "THE COLORS!"

The print is sooo pretty!!!