This year's Superbowl game was low key at this Girlie's house. After the excitement of last year, we didn't want to have another big party. And, I for one did not care of the outcome. Since my Seahawks weren't in it. *sigh*

But, it was an opportunity to make a "Sunday Dinner". Sorta. I just made a ham and served it with dinner rolls and sliced cheeses. To make mini sandwiches.

It still amazes me how easy it is to make ham. I used Dave Liebermann's recipe - Dijon Maple Glazed Ham. Easy and delicioius. I only made one revision. He says to put 3/4 cup of water in the roasting pan before baking. I substituted bourbon for half the liquid. It turned out perfectly cooked and now there's a lot of leftovers. Can't complain too much about that. I'll probably freeze some for later. I saved the ham bone, and I'll probably do something with that. Like make beans or soup.

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