I was tempted....I really was. Saw that the trench was on eBay for $50. (good eye, Emigre!)

It looks so cute in the picture, that I'll surely love it. I did see it in person, after all... But I
didn't try it on (as they didn't have my size).

In the end, I resisted the click-n-buy. But I did have an opportunity to go to the Gap and see it. It's cute. It really is. But on me, it's not so much. It's just not flattering on me. I'm pretty short and not really skinny. The double-breasted thing doesn't go well on me. It didn't help that I was wearing a bulky sweater. I just didn't feel comfortable in it. Back in my black wool coat, I looked and felt a lot better. And besides, the collar and lapels have some sort of wire in them to help them hold their shape. Yikes!

Alas...I'll keep looking for another Spring coat. I'll have to keep in mind - single-breasted works best.

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emigre said...

Oh well, hope you find another coat that'll work!