I think it was in Real Simple's January issue, where they had a "31 Ideas for 31 days" list. Stuff to do that's fun and different, every day in January. All part of the resolution-fest that is New Years. One of the things to do, however, was pretty simple.

#19 - "Make a short wish list of satisfying-and easily doable-"fun" resolutions for the coming year. Include things like visiting a museum you keep meaning to, saving for an overseas vacation, or making that Hot Chocolate Cake you saw in Real Simple."

So I did it. The list is now part of my sidebar, "I'd like to..."

What would you like to do?

p.s. Other things off this list that I did, whether consciously or not...
#2 Clean a drawer. Cleaned several actually.
#3 Empty your email inbox. I try to do this all the time.
#6 Try one new food. Tried lots of new recipes!
#7 Donate to your favorite charity. We donated both clothes and money.
#9 Buy a few lint rollers and hang one near every entrance to the house. We already have a ton of them. When you have a furry dog or 2...
#10 Schedule a day off from work. Scheduled! Going skiing!
#16 Clear all expired food from the refrigerator. Did that thanks to the December windstorm.
And now the fridge is full of food again.
#18 Restack nesting bowls and Tupperware. Did the cleaning thing. Threw away orphan containers and lids, and old ones. Bought new Gladware containers. Love the locking lids.
#23 Put all your spare buttons in one box. They're already in one box. My sewing kit.
#26 Check the oil in your car. I didn't do it myself, but I did have the oil changed. So it's good.
#29 Remove the wax from your candle holders and change the candles.

Things from the list that should be done - #4, #5, #8 (I wish!), #13, #11 (also label some numbers as "ICE"- In Case of Emergency, like "ICE Hubby".), #17, #28 (good idea!), #21, #25, #20

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Yvett said...

I love that you put "get a tattoo" on your list. I want another one too.

I really want to go on a family vacation this year. First we thought Alec was too small, the next year we bought a house, last year we moved to Arizona and this year I finally want us all to go somewhere together.