Doing taxes doesn't really bother me. I almost like it. But I do have to say - I just love love love Turbo Tax. I did our taxes with them last year, and this year I did it again. And it was that much faster because a lot of the information was the same: names, employers, etc. And this whole e-file thing is worth paying a little fee. I used to be such a stickler about paying for the service, but with the house and investments and stuff, it's just easier to have them do the paperwork. And they also work hard to get every little deduction, which is great. I would have missed a couple this year.

I transmitted our return last night, and this morning it was accepted by the IRS. And now I'm counting the days (ETA: 2/16) until that baby is direct deposited.

We have some plans for the money -

Pay off Visa. Though, there isn't much of a balance on this.

Pay off Dell for the computer. This is a bill I am glad to not have to pay any longer.

After this there are some options -

Save for Mexico trip. This is the year we're going to Mexico. The Riviera to be more exact. We're looking to go in October. After years of talk, I want to get this thing planned.

- OR -

Put in Hubby's IRA. Remember! You can contribute to the previous year until April 15th of the next year. So, we can still contribute to 2006! Mine's maxed out, but Hubby's is not. So this can help with that...

- OR -

Get some shoes!

These flats are by Michael Kors. I saw them in person and they are adorable. But for something taller, these retro-looking pumps by Linea Paolo are awesome, and also, a Marc Jacabs look-alike. But the kicker, they're called "Babe", and that's what Hubby and I call eachother. Though they don't show them online, they also come in pastel colors for Spring - pink, green. But I like the red. And there's a flat version as well.

- OR -

Buy a hot tub. Unfortunately, return's not *that* big.... darnit.


Lys said...

Or, one can do a bit of all three - put some towards Mexico (so jealous!), put some towards the IRA (good PF thinkin' Michelle!) and put some in shoes...

Hot tubs are overrated and too much responsibility (well, not really but still it sounds better *LOL*)

Great job with the Taxes!!!!

Yvett said...

I've been using TurboTax for years now and love it as well!

I'm a saver but this year I really want to take the kiddies to Disneyland.