It was Hubby's Birthday weekend. Since I didn't check it out for Valentine's Day dessert, I went to The Confectional to get a birthday dessert. Hubby's not a big fan of cake, preferring pies and the like, but he does like a good cheesecake. So I couldn't go wrong. I was deliberating over the flavors, but the bakery only does larger size cheesecakes by order. Which didn't bother me too much, as there were too many good sounding flavors to choose from. I ordered a six-pack - Mexican Chocolate, Seattle NY-Style, Creamsicle, Triple Berry, Cookies & Mint Chocolate, & Kahlua White Chocolate. All boxed up, they were adorable. And with candles, perfect for a celebration.

The sun came out on Saturday. It brought out the smiles in everyone, and even my sandals made an appearance. (Sooooo glad that espedrilles are still a hot item). You couldn't help but be happy. I was able to get some things done, like straightening up the garage a little bit, pick up around the yard, and print out my digital photos. But now, the sun is gone, the clouds are back, and it's raining and windy. Alas, it is still Winter.

I should really get one of these for my desk at the office -

Dynamism.com - Next Generation Japanese Notebooks and Electronics

They are so adorable, though not exactly very natural. However, this is a plant that won't die. I've only lost a couple of plants in my office (due to lack of sunlight), but there's always the fear that flourescent light is not enough.

Plus, it's from Japan, and it's therefore cute AND cool.

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wyn said...

So cute. Aside from ordering online, I wonder where the heck we are supposed to get these?