Happy Valentines Day!

Today started like any other...wake up late, rush to get ready, mad dash to work, etc.

But I did make a couple changes in my routine. I dropped by the Three Girls Bakery in the Pike Place Market and picked up cute chocolate covered shortbread hearts for my co-workers. And on my way to the office, I remembered I still needed to get the mahi mahi for our special dinner tonight.

But there will be an addition to the special dinner that I think will work out well. Hubby bought me steaks. For Valentines Day. Not exactly the t-bone as seen here, but some lovely NY strip steaks. Isn't he romantic? But then again, he may surprise me...again.

Hubby made a request for garlic mashed potatoes, so I'll be making garlic mashed potatoes and coconut milk rice*****. I know, two starches...this isn't exactly an everyday meal for sure.

And he even picked up a dessert...a small cheesecake covered in cherries. It's like we have telepathy!

Again, Happy Valentines Day to everyone. And for those V-Day haters....it's OK, I've been there done that had many a crappy Valentines Day. I found it was a good day to catch up on my movies and books, or if other friends are also boycotting the holiday, catching up on gossip and friendship. As Hubby would say, "If I don't get the day off work and I am required to buy stuff, then it's not a holiday".

****Note on coconut milk rice - substitute coconut milk for part of the water. I'm not sure how much is too much, as I've only done it once because my friend Jenny told me about it. It doesn't add a lot of strong coconut flavor, but it does change the consistency a little bit. A little more creamy and sticky.


wyn said...

Happy Valentine's Day! Aren't you chipper? =) Sounds like a great meal planned and I hope you and your honey have a nice night of it.

Yvett said...

Thanks, Michelle! I'll have to try that rice sometime.

Have a great Valentine's day!