I am newly obsessed with candles. High-quality candles. I think it may have something to do with the weather and the lack of light.

A while back I bought a jar candle in an 'ocean mist' scent, or something like that (made by Yankee, but not the regular 'Housewarmer' jar candle). I think it was part of a discontinued collection, I bought it at Ross. I put it in the bathroom and light it when we have guests. Then when Sis moved in, I moved it into my room. And then I'd light it whenever. This is a rare instance where I burned the candle of all of its wax. It pretty much burned into nothing, leaving me with a sooty jar. That's quality. I have other jar candles that end up burying the wick in wax, rendering it useless.

So now I'm on a Yankee Jar candle kick. It pretty much started when I realized that my candle collection had dwindled to nothing, with the exception of some holiday scents I got from Partylite (Holiday Spices and Pine Berry, mmmmm). But I wanted a more everyday scent, like vanilla.

I wasn't really planning on buying any candles that day when I went to Linens N Things. But I was reminded (lured?) by the Scents of the Month - they're buy one get one half off. I walked away with Vanilla Caramel and Macintosh Apple. I also snagged a small Granny Smith Apple jar that was on clearance. And for some reason, I had to go back to Linens and Things, which gave me the opportunity to pick up two more jars - Home Sweet Home (a cinnamony scent) and Ginger Citris.

And now I am done! Done buying candles. These will last a long time.

I swear!

(P.S. I suppose I need to mention that I bought this month's scent of the month - Sweet Strawberry - but they're for gifts. Really!)


Meredith said...

I love Granny Smith Apple and Home Sweet Home. Vanilla Caramel sounds good too. My latest thing has been the Glade Trio. Though I only burn one scent at a time. The cleanup is so easy and there's no sooty mess. No wick problems, no issues lighting. Refills are fairly cheap.

Lys said...

Candles are too addictive!!! Now - lets see, any idea to combine that with pick up at store w/ coupon and Ebates?? Jus' sayin...

I absolutely adore Yankee Candle!! Good bargain hunting!

Anonymous said...

Try Candles by Victoria. They are the best quality and smelling candles I have ever bought. They are in Van Texas but they have an online store. Great prices and customer service, Victoria is such a wonderfully nice woman.