Remember my cheetah print shoes?

I was going over my shoes in my nightly clothing-selection-for-the-next-day when I spied the cheetah shoes. It got me thinking....I haven't worn them since I first got them. I wore them for a few hours, if that, and never again. They were soooo tall and uncomfortable. Also, doesn't match a whole lot. But, I think I just pass them over every time because they're so not comfy.

And a decision was made. They're going back.

I got them at Nordstrom. Online, mind you...so I couldn't have known how uncomfy they'd be. And I even had Foot Petals! And Nordstrom takes back everything anyway, even if they didn't originally sell it!

So long, Cheet! Hello, credit to Visa.

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Yvett said...

I don't have anything I'd like to return, but Nordstrom takes everything back? Really? I guess that keeps their customers happy. There's nothing worse than getting a hassle for trying to return something.