Hubby placed a sports bet while in Vegas, and he won! I mailed in the ticket for him and we just got the check. He only wanted to buy one thing with it -

HoMedics: Therapist Select™ Shiatsu Massaging Cushion

And now that we have it, everyone is using it. It's so great. The same day we got it, I pulled my lower back. Ironically, while pulling on my riding pants before going to my riding lesson. So I sat on the cushion with the lower back shiatsu massage setting. It felt sooooo good. I still hurt after that, but I would massage my lower back every day and now it's feeling good. Just a little sore.

Oh, and Hubby likes it, too.

It's actually in a pretty good spot. We have it in our computer chair, so when we're using the computer, we just use the massager at the same time. And it's on a timer, so when it stops, it's probably a good idea to do whatever you needed to do on the computer before you got distracted by emails, videos, IM's, etc...

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