(appears on credit card statement)

I saw this on a t-shirt and laughed. Because it's so true!!! Ain't it?

The highlights...

- Finally purchased pair of fake-Gucci sunglasses. I don't care that they're not Gucci's, I just like the horse bit detail. And they look pretty fabulous. They're oversize black plastic frames. Sis says I look very Jackie O.

- Stayed at the New York New York. Here's the view from our room, a complimentary upgrade to a higher floor with a Strip view. Pretty neat, and we didn't hear the screams from the roller coaster riders while trying to sleep. On the other hand, I did when getting my facial at their Spa. Speaking of, their spa was mediocre. The Bellagio's was much better - so go there if you ever have the chance, you have to be a guest I hear.

- And Hubby and I rode that Manhattan Express roller coaster. It was a lot of fun. We were in the last row of the last car, and we were scared. As expected, we were whipped around quite a bit. I wanted to buy the picture they take of you while riding the coaster, but it didn't turn out very well. Too bad. I didn't take as many pictures this trip, I suppose we didn't really sightsee as much either.

- Finally went Downtown, or the Old Strip. I love the lights and atmosphere. It was a lot of fun. The light show was a little cheesy, but who cares. The only bad part was that it was really windy that night and very chilly.

- I tried on Crocs finally. They're hideous. But really comfy. I did not buy. Where can I wear these things? It's wet here quite a bit, and they've got holes in them. Seriously. But I may consider the ballet flat version, which is cute.

- Ate a whole lot, but not too badly health-wise. Burger Bar. Wolfgang's Chinois Cafe. Regale Italian Eatery. Gonzales y Gonzales. America Restaurant at NYNY. Binion's Cafe. Barbary Coast - home of cheap late night eats. Fat Tuesday (for crazy huge daiquiri drinks spiked with Everclear - yikes!) Il Fornaio Bakery. We ate quite at bit the bakery, because it was so close to our elevator at the hotel and pretty reasonably priced for breakfast. They had these awesome croissant sandwiches for breakfast that they would cook in the panini press. And their lattes were great. Starbucks had crazy long lines in the morning, so good thing we found a better alternative.

- Didn't shop all that much. But the Eddie Bauer store at the Alladin's Mall is closing, and I found their Classic Stretch Bootcut jeans to be awesome. They fit well on me and are priced right. Well, since the store is closing, they were 40% off. I see online they are not on sale, but the embroidered ones they didn't have in my size are on sale. Hmm....must resist!

- Sis and I went to see Mamma Mia at Mandalay Bay. It's the musical with all ABBA songs. I really don't know a lot of ABBA songs, but still had a good time. It was a fun show and our seats weren't so bad for being the 'cheap seats'. Still $50 though... Lost $20 on Mamma Mia slot machine while waiting to get in to show, but...

- In the end, I won about $300 on slot machines and a plethora of free drinks. We did pay our fair share for additional drinks and dining, but I think we did alright. We weren't too crazy with the spending. Like I said, I didn't really shop all that much. Hubby won about $300 (net) as well on his sports betting. Woo hoo! In addition, I found a Zippo lighter and someone forgot their bottle of KY in our room (eeeeewwww!!! - but it was in the drawer and we didn't have to touch or look at it. ) Had to give up the Zippo, however, since you cannot put lighters in your check-in luggage, or carry it onto a plane. It was a nice one, too. Oh well.

- Speaking of free drinks. A little harder to get. Our usual strategy of getting free drinks by playing 25 cent video blackjack at the bar was harder to implement. A lot of places took out the video blackjack and put in more video poker. I don't know whether it's because poker is so popular, or they're learning that people are playing the video blackjack to get free drinks. Who knows?

- My parents were very helpful in giving us rides to and from the airport. As a gesture of thanks, I got them this great picture book on Las Vegas. They've been before more than once, but I thought this was a good gift. I even thought about getting one for myself as well.

All in all, this was a much lower-key trip in comparison to past Vegas trips. We were less concerned with seeing the sights. What we wanted to see, we did. And we didn't lose too much money to the casinos or restaurants. It was fun, but we decided that we are going to wait before we come back again. Really. We mean it this time.


Lys said...

You had fun, and that's the most important thing along with a free upgrade and bypassin' the Starbucks??? Hot damn. Will Vegas call you back again soon - time will tell.

You have got to post a pic of the glasses. Who cares if they are Gucci, Grucci, whatever - as long as they look fabulous and you love them, those that need to see the label need to get slapped...

Sorry, it's been a LONG long day *LOL* ;)

wyn said...

Cool - I like NYNY when I visited and Il Fornaio rang a bell because it was open late when we were looking for food. NYNY has a great vibe.
Yay for your winnings. I also found out that the video machines at the bar - the drinks weren't free! (It was at Paris.) Quite expensive, in fact.
Glad to hear you had a good stay yet again. But, yeah, it would be great to do your anniversary somewhere else - let us know where you're entertaining ideas.

wyn said...

Oh, I just remember the Crocs flats. Thanks for mentioning them as I wouldn't normally stare too intently at the Crocs kiosks in all the malls here. They look intriguing and might be structured enough to hold my wide feet unlike the flimsy ballet flats you see around. (The Boy hates Crocs - wonder what he thinks of these.....?)