I was just sitting there on Friday, at my desk, working on something....

"You want to go to the game tomorrow?"

The Game meaning the Seahawks Playoff Game.

"I better check with my husband, but probably."

I call Hubby, and he says "Yes. I mean, HELL YEAH!"

So that is how I ended up getting tickets to the Playoff Game. Free tickets. Awesome seats.

This is the view from our seat. Third level. Third row from the rail. Right on the 50 yard line.

Ironically, this is the second time I got these tickets. The first time was another last minute deal. The ironic part? We played the same team in another high-profile Monday Night Football game. We're hoping for a better outcome, however. Last time we blew the sizeable lead and lost it in the end.

This time was a lot different. The game was close the whole time. And nearing the end, it looked like we were going to lose after we just couldn't put up the points, despite being so close. We were only up by one and when Dallas was going to kick the game winning field goal (with very little time left on the clock), a miracle happened. The snap was fumbled, and they ended up losing possession on downs. We got the ball back and wasted as much time as possible. We couldn't get a first down ourselves and had to punt it with 8 seconds left. The ball went out of bounds, and Dallas got the ball back with 2 seconds left. The fans were going crazy. I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I was surely going deaf from the crowd noise. And then the ball was up in the air, and then it landed on the ground, and then the stadium exploded.

We won this time! And it was amazing. We couldn't believe it. It was a mass of love in the crowd. A crazy sight. What a night! What a game!

Again, Seattle is in love with their Seahawks.

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