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I just got some rails for my file cabinet. Which then prompted me to take out my file folders, so that I can put in the hanging folders, and then put the files back in. But they were quite overflowing, and I realized that some of these things weren't really needed any longer. I had product manuals for stuff I no longer owned!

So more paperwork for me to go through. Yippee! This time, however, I'm bringing the stuff to work because the shredder has a higher capacity and does credit cards and CD's. It's bad-ass compared to my home shredder. Did I mention it's faster, too?

And I even came across a file folder marked "Insurance Pictures". There was nothing in it....Something else I need to get to...ugh.

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Lys said...

Is there something re: Organizing in the air/water/coffee/Baileys? Everyone seems to be on an organizing kick lately :)