No, this post is not about Shreds, that wonderful product for the lazy cook (me).

Yvett was talking about her resolution to organize. She started by shredding old things. Which led me to remember that I had a similar "to shred" pile of receipts. Receipts that we started saving after the government gave us Washingtonians (and other states with no state income tax) a tax break on sales tax. They have a formula to use, but if you spent more on sales tax, then you can use that figure instead. Thinking the formula is probably conservative and we spend more than the average person, we'd totally beat the "standard rate". We were wrong, or we didn't save every single receipt, many of the receipts we had didn't have the tax on them - they were credit card slips - and I didn't want to break out the taxes, or we just didn't buy enough large ticket items (the year of the new TV? didn't even help.)

So we were left with two boxes of old receipts. And now they are gone gone gone. Or at least, ugly confetti. We have two shredders in the house now, thanks to Sis-in-Law. And I had to empty both of them twice. And once I got started, it was hard to stop.

We also have a wall organizer that holds all of Hubby's pay stubs (he wanted to save them all until the end of the year), some important info, and my "to file" items. My "to file" compartment got so full that the "to file" items were being put into the important info compartment. I couldn't just file them...too easy. But I went through it and took out the things that I probably didn't need to file in the first place (like receipts for doctors visits and explanation of benefits? If everything's paid, do I need them? No...). And what was still needed was organized into catagories that are already in place in the file cabinet. And the rest got shredded. This still needs to be finished, as I haven't filed the stuff yet...but I'm closer.

And now the shredder needs to be emptied again....I had some remaining stuff to shred, but since the shredder was full, I took it to work to shred. But don't worry, I'll get to emptying it....again.


Meredith said...

I love shredding. We have one at home, too. I usually shred at work because the ones here can shred more pages at a time. Plus one will even do credit cards and cds! Fun!

The only reason to keep your medical expenses info is if you think you can claim it on your itemized deductions. It has to be more than 7.5% of your AGI so you'd have to spend a lot to actually use it.

Michelle said...

That's a good point about the itemized deduction. We can never spend enough in medical to get above the "floor". When I took tax class in college, the teacher explained how difficult it can be to get that deduction. You pretty much have to be low-income, very sick, or not have insurance. We aren't any of them. Not that we're complaining...