Johnson's Softcream Extra Care Healing Hand Cream - It's that time of year again. The dryness sets in as the air gets colder. And you're in more and add on top of that all the hand washing....It takes a toll on your skin.

This is another great product from Johnson's line for adults. Same great quality and subtle scent of the other line I reviewed - the Nourishing. This stuff absorbs quickly and not as thick as other hand creams I've tried. And the best part, I don't feel I have to reapply all the time. It really does stick around even after one of my many hand washings.

Black and Decker Simple Start Vehicle Batter Booster - This is something that needs to go into the car emergency kit of every Grown-Up Girlie.

Dead battery in the middle of nowhere? No one to help you even though you have jumper cables? Charge your battery without even having to get out of the car. That is, unless you put this thing in the trunk. But it sure beats risking a manicure and getting your hands dirty.

Whoever thought of this is a genius!

Gal Pal - I know I mentioned this product before, but I actually bought it and used it for the first time this morning. Deoderant streaks on my black top. Egads! Then I remembered I had it. It didn't take much effort. A little rubbing and they're gone. Deoderant says it dries clear? Yeah right! But this will help. And now they have a travel version. Cute!

I got mine at Drugstore.com.

Hollywood Tag Tamers - Is it me being oversensitive. Or are more clothing companies putting tags on the sides of shirts. Either in replacement of or in addition to the annoying tag at the neck. Not exactly a great feeling. And those tags have important information - fabric content, washing instructions, etc. Can't just cut 'em off as tempting as it may be. But these are little stickers that go right over the tag to keep them down. After I used the Gal Pal, I used this to cover a tag. And I can't feel it and it was easy to apply. Must note, however, that you have to take the tag off before washing - per the instructions. I also got these at Drugstore.com.

The cutest Starbucks Tumbler - Recently spotted at a Starbucks store (though can't find online). It's a tumbler version of the regular to-go paper cup. The lid is a hard plastic screw-on complete with sippy-hole. Too adorable and I might have to get 2... to-go.


Lola and Her *Mom* said...

Cool and I love the gal pal product.

Lys said...

Hmmm... I'll be adding to my gal kit with the Gal Pal & the battery booster. Nothin' says "Hotness" than a gal who knows what to do with a car during an emergency unless, of course, there's a cute boy/cop involved! And the gal has no streaks of course *LOL*