This is a little depressing, but don't worry...happy ending. Just wanted to share what's been going on, and get it off my chest.

We woke up on New Years Eve still exhausted from our trip. But we had to get out of bed eventually. We had no food (or champagne) and needed to go to the grocery store. We also needed to pick up our dogs from the kennel, which we call "camp". We flew in late Saturday, and couldn't pick them up that night.

We drove to the kennel and picked up the dogs. Dogs were good. It was really cold at night, and she was concerned about Bandit, so had them sleep in the house at night. The kennel area is a semi-enclosed area - fine for Siberian Huskies, which make up the rest of the dogs (She's the breeder where we got Kenai). Even though, we know Bandit doesn't care for the place, while Kenai loves it. They were naturally very excited to see us and get home.

We spent a low-key New Years Eve at home. We grilled up some lovely steaks, sipped champagne, and watched the neighbors behind us light fireworks in their backyard. I had a hard time staying awake until midnight. I even took a little nap late in the evening. We went to bed shortly after 2007 arrived. I had caught a little cold or something while in Vegas, which would explain the tiredness and sore throat.

New Years Day - we slept in, but stayed in bed until 11 when we were jerked awake by a horrifying sight. Bandit was curled up on the bed at our feet, but stood up and fell over sideways off the bed and went into seizure. She luckily fell onto her own bed on the floor so she didn't hurt herself. But she urinated all over herself and her bed, while shaking, clenching her teeth, foaming at the mount, and scaring the shit out of us. It felt like an hour, but about 30 seconds later she stopped. Then she got up. And then the worst part. She starting shrieking and crying and tried to climb all over the furniture. Hubby got a hold of her and tried to keep her still, but she kept crying and trying to lunge over him. She got free of him, but I was able to get her into my arms. She was a mess for a good 5 minutes before she abruptly stopped, sighed, and started walking around. Then she was back to her normal self.

We were utterly confused. We didn't know what had just happened. Hubby wasn't sure if it was a seizure, but after a little research, our suspicions were affirmed. It was a classic seizure. We decided to wait a little bit and keep and eye on her. She seemed to be normal again. But then 3 hours later, she had another one. And off to the emergency vet hospital we went.

Unfortunately, they couldn't really tell us much. It could have been anything - she could have been stressed (from the kennel, fireworks, activity), she could have gotten into something, she could have a brain tumor. Dogs seizures in themselves don't say much. They drew blood to be tested and sent us on our way. Told us to try to keep a calm environment, and bring her back if she has seizures that last more than 5 minutes, or back-to-back seizures that don't stop.

So our day was spent watching our girl and cleaning up messes. Little did we know the night we would have. She kept having seizures starting at 8 PM, but they were 2 to 3 hours apart. Each seizure was followed by different behavior. But mostly, she would pace the house, blindly running into walls, knocking over objects, and generally keeping us awake and worried. We wondered if every night would be like this. And if so, what kind of life is this for a dog?

We had to return to work the day after New Years, but we both called in. We hardly got rest and couldn't bear to leave our Bandit at home. But her last seizure was at 7 AM. The day was spent cleaning more messes, taking down the Christmas tree (she ran into it more than once), putting away decorations and gifts. We took turns taking naps, trying to catch up on our much needed rest. The whole time, though, we kept an eye on our dog. Kenai was even concerned and confused.

Eventually, we knew we had to go back to work. But Sis was off on Wednesday and was able to watch her. We even had her boyfriend pet-sit when we all had to work. Bandit's condition got better and better. The first day we went to work, Bandit went crazy excited when we both came home. The dogs are usually happy to greet us home, but she kept jumping on me. By the end of the week, it was back to the usual happy happy.

And then the test. We went out on Saturday night. No one would be at home. We were confident in our Bandit. We kept a TV on. We also had a radio on in another room, set to the relaxing station. It seemed to work. No signs of seizure when we returned home. And both dogs were sleeping in their usual spots.

The blood work's done, and the results have been forwarded to our regular vet. But they haven't been analyzed yet, so we're not sure if they even found anything. After we all calmed down a bit, Hubby found an article that would suggest that what Bandit was going through was severe Separation Anxiety. She probably thought at one point that we'd never come back, common for adopted pets.

We're not sure where we'll go from here. We'll have to see our regular vet for a follow-up visit. And then we'll go from there. Mom even volunteered to take Bandit if we ever have to go out of town, which is best we can do for her. At least she'll be plenty spoiled and have constant attention. And she knows my parents and their dog.

Quite a way to start the New Year. Hope that it doesn't happen again ever. For some people pets are just animals. But to us, they are our children. I can't imagine what it would be like if we were parents. So stressful!

But in the end, it's a happy ending. We're slowly getting back to our usual routine, which is good for the dogs. Dogs love routine. Bandit's recognizing the routine. And that's good for all of us.


Lys said...

Oh the poor munchkin. I agree with you on the pets are like kids thought... and I think staying with your mom might be a good idea for Bandit.

Let us know what the results say.

Lola said...

I'm glad Bandit seems to be doing better. What would we do without the internet to look up all this info up and ease our minds?

wyn said...

Poor Bandit. It sounds like you have left them at the camp before and they have fared alright - it's is odd. Though I don't have kid(s) either, it really seems to me that pets are the equivalent and you guys displayed great compassion - and your dogs are really lucky.