My Winter ensemble is almost complete...

I got myself a new hat. The best part? No, not the tassels...but the ear flaps. And they're lined in super soft fleece. This is perfect to wear skiing, or while waiting for the bus in the bitter cold and wind. Before, I just wore a head band (covered ears, but not top of head) or a beanie (covered head, left ears exposed). This does both, and it's colorful to boot. I'm going to ask Mom to make a puff for the top (or pom-pom? or poof?).

In addition, I also got a new pair of ski pants. Real ski pants. Not like my old ones, which were basically snow pants. (Good and puffy, but not made for skiing). Most excited about this buy - they were on clearance with an additional discount. They ended up being a little over $50 including tax. They look like this, but they're black. Classic black. Made by Columbia, they're called the "Hipsidaisy" pant.

Speaking of black, to get my Winter wear one closer step to completion - I broke down and bought a pair of those coveted Sorel boots I mentioned earlier. This was not an easy purchase, however.

I read the reviews on Zappos and other websites. Everyone loved the boot but had differing opinions about how they are sized. Some people said they ran large. Others said they were big. If I was going to order them, I wanted them to fit the first time. So I went to the closest store that I thought would carry them - GI Joe*s and tried on what they had. They didn't have the exact boot, but they had a lot of the Sorel brand. Turns out, they run true to size, in my opinion. After I got home, I went back to Zappos to order them...but now they are no longer on sale. Instead, they have free upgraded 2-day shipping. Whoopdeedoo. I don't need them this second, I just want to save money. And they're not part of Ebates or Fatwallet, so no additional discount there...bummer.

I googled find more places that carried it. A lot of places do, but didn't have my size or the color I want (black, of course). And then I saw the line on Google: "Product search results for...". So I clicked on that and saw more places that carried it. And there was a seller on eBay that was selling the same boots for less than Zappos, even including shipping and insurance. The seller has awesome feedback. I'm really looking forward to getting them. They will last a very very long time, considering they won't get much wear.

This has been quite the expensive weekend. I got my hair cut and colored (ka-ching), I went grocery shopping (ka-ching), I bought all the stuff mentioned above (ka-ka-ka-ching), we ended up eating out at Red Robin...ugh. But I also donated a bunch of old clothes to Goodwill. At least I won't have to buy these things again. And the final piece de resistance I need? A ski jacket.

Yes. Me - The Coat Queen - does not have a proper ski jacket. Mom gave mine away long ago. It would really fit anymore anyway - in size or style. And I hadn't gone skiing much since I graduated....from high school. I have a winter coat that works OK, but I'd love something better. Initially I wanted a Columbia jacket, but from people I've talked with, Helly Hansen is the way to go. They apparently have a warehouse sale every year (I heard it's in November). In addition to the high quality, they repel water like no one's business. Sounds good to me.

So, I'm just a little bit closer to being that fashionable ski bunny. Now if I could just get up to the mountains...


wyn said...

I got $50 Columbia pants, too... in the Girls' section. You have more tenacity than I - I settled for really, really little-girly purple pants. =S

You need to get up to the slopes! =)

Michelle said...

At least you can FIT into a girl size. I'm large!!! But then again, I'm also wearing long johns underneath...so that's a little consolation. I was surprised, however, by the color selection. It was mostly black, some navy, and few of any other color. Maybe they've figured out that people want their snow pants to be black.