You know I can write a lot when given a subject to my liking, but it could take a very long time to talk about everything...so I'll do the bullet-points!

Christmas celebrations went by in a blur.

- I had spent the Friday and Saturday before in the kitchen making edible gifts. The marshmallow recipe didn't work out at all. It only partially set and in the end, went in the garbage. At least it wasn't too expensive or time-consuming. I did batches of Spiced Mixed Nuts, Polka Dot Cookies, Mini Lemon Pound Cakes, and Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies. (The Polka Dot cookies are definitely worth the effort).

- Had the niecelets over for their Christmas celebration with us (they were to spend the Holidays with their Dads). Gingerbread House making was a disaster. Though we had kits, they did not fully explain how long it would take for all the icing to set. If we do this again next year, we'll build the houses and girls can just decorate. They did thoroughly enjoy opening their presents however.

- Also had my friends Jenny & Jimmy over before they were to leave on their road trip home to Albuquerque. Too bad we weren't able to spend any time just us four, but that's just another excuse to visit. We did enjoy New Mexico last time we went.

- Here's a pic of our house...finally. If you look real close, Kenai's face is in the window. These are the previously mentioned retro lights.

- Hubby spoiled me for Christmas and Anniversary. He got me Coach's Soho Signature Wallet in Black. I love it. And it has a checkbook cover that you can take out. In my stocking, I found a Senorita Margarita body scrub. So needed that. And in another box, he gave me a train case filled with more philosophy products - mimosa shower gel, spiced apple cider shower gel, and a few good men lip glosses. Oh, and there was also a full-size bottle of Murad Night Reform Treatment - but that was a free sample, not a hint.

- From My Parents, we got a bunch of stuff for the house - closet organizer, platters, Christmas plates, candle holders (3 sets!) and candles, a set of really nice paring knives. I got no clothes (yay!), but Hubby got a nice sweater - and he likes it. (The gifts were modest, as we already got the dining room table.) My bro and his wife gave us a fire bowl, but we had to give it back since we had one already. Good thing they wanted/needed one. We told them to have us over sometime when we can enjoy using it. They also gave me a couple of Gregory Maguire books - Wicked and Son of a Witch. The In-Laws gave us a monogrammed flatware set in a wooden case. Pretty swank! Now I'll have to have an occasion to use them.

- As for my gifts, they were well received. Bottles of nice Canadian whiskey for my Bro and Dad. Hubby got his Seahawks jersey, new Ecco boots, and in his stocking, a Jack Black shave kit and electric shave "enhancer". Mom got a Dooney bag. Bro's wife enjoyed her spa themed gift - bath pillow, lavender candles, philosophy's oxygen peel.

- Spent Christmas morning at my Parents, where we had prime rib for lunch. Just the beginning of our day of indulgence.

- After Christmas lunch, went home to prepare simple Christmas dinner. It turned out great, and wasn't too difficult. Main course - spiral sliced ham. It pretty much is a set and forget kind of dish. Cover with foil, stick in thermometer, set thermometer for 140 degrees, then proceed to do other things. I finished with a glaze mix that came with a different ham I cooked. From the taste, it was pretty much sugar, cloves, and other spices. I mixed it with Johnny Walker Black Label, and it made a terrific glaze. I did the French Onion Soup as the starter, which turned out great. Due to lack of appropriate dishes and oven space, I used Melba Toast as the bread and had a bowl of grated Gruyere cheese for passing. My sides were Autumn Potato Gratin (soooo rich) and broiled asparagus. Baked up some fresh crescent rolls. For dessert, chocolate cake in my wreath bundt pan served with hot fudge sauce (jarred...but Dove), and the candy cane angel cake. Looked better than tasted...angel cake doesn't taste like much. All in all, a great first dinner at our real dinner table. First time to set a table complete with fancy Christmas tablecloth. I at least had enough dishes and flatware for 6.

OK, so the bullet point thing didn't exactly work as planned. I just can't stop writing!!!

In all, we had a wonderful holiday spent with family and friends. Hope yours was just as enjoyable.

Vegas recap is coming! I'm still catching up...haven't even gotten to reading any blogs....eeek!

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wyn said...

Hehe, I like the A Few Good Men set. You got seriously spoiled, but you deserve it with all the fantastic baking you did and organizing Christmas meals. =)