Did you see the Mythbusters episode "Underwater Car"? If you missed it, the guys tried many different ways to get out of the car in the event of a water landing. And now I want one of these:

Amazon.com: LifeHammer Original Emergency Hammer (Orange): Automotive

This was discussed as a must have product during Driver's Ed, but after watching the show, I am convinced that it's one of the most effective ways of escaping a water-logged car without resorting to the other things that worked (In case you couldn't get the window open in time): wait patiently while waiting for car to fill up completely, then open door, open door before car starts to fill up with water.

One thing they didn't mention, however, is that most drivers wear seat belts and this is what gets them in trouble when they accidentally end up in water. They freak out and don't think to take off the seat belt. So first things first, take off the seat belt. Or use the hammer to cut it off - it has a blade too.

So get one of these emergency hammers. As you can see, around $15 from Amazon. And put it in someplace handy (it comes with a mounting bracket!), like right next to the door on the dash or something.

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