I've finally finished my magazine organization project. I mentioned this a while back when I first started it. To recap - I had 2 years worth of Real Simple magazines. They were getting to be too much, but I didn't want to just throw them out as they had lots of useful information. So I re-read them and tore out pages that were of use. I grouped the pages into categories - Important Matters, Useful Information, Fashion, Outside the House, Inside the House/Neat Products, and Health & Beauty. Then I put the pages into sheet protectors that went into binders. Recipes have their own binder system (though they are not organized in any way).

So now I am going to share some of the great information. I'll try to throw in bits and pieces every once in a while. Having it all in one place, I see now how much stuff I need to do. But this is one of the easier things, and possibly the most important: Protecting your Identity.

Courtesy of Real Simple: Simple Strategies to Avoid Identity Theft

and Worksheet: Privacy Protector (in PDF - requires Adobe Reader) - Includes some things that you may have done already - Register your phone number/s with donotcall.gov, get your free copy of your credit report from annualcreditreport.com - and some things that were new to me, like going to networkadvertising.org to opt out of having your cookie data for targeting online advertising.

So get to your privacy makeover!

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