I know I mentioned how I sometimes cave into buying non-dairy creamers, despite me knowing they are full of sugar and whatever else. But with flavors like Pumpkin Pie Spice, I cannot resist. I thought I was safe with the seasonal flavors gone. BUT NO...they had to come out with Creme Brulee. Well, I actually don't know if it's new exactly, but I just discovered it.


And you can even get a coupon for a free 7-day supply here.


Lys said...

NO! NO! NO! I sense a new obsession (and thank god I have a new gym to work it off in)..

Thanks Michelle!

wyn said...

I think I read about it first here and I'm officially hooked. Though, my local Safeway is charging $4 for a bottle - ugh. My first bottle was by a different brand called International Delight Coffee and its flavour was Southern Butter Pecan and it was a dream, and only $2 when on sale! Haha. Now I've got Caramel Vanilla and will look for Creme Brule next! I wouldn't drink coffee otherwise and wonder if it goes well with tea...?