I get excited about Banana Republic's bag collections when they first come out. Their bags are usually classically styled with a twist and of high quality. Don't get me started on the details (numerous). This Spring's collection, however, has something noticeable...or missing. There are no black bags. I heard that brown is the new black, in which case I'm good because my new tote is brown. But black is such a basic, I doubt it'll be out for long.

I really dig this leather tote, called the Bedford Bucket Tote - it seems like it can hold anything. Though I love the white color, I know it's almost impossible to keep clean. Especially if for everyday use. This shoulder bag is also very cute - I love the flap and contrasting trim. Black in detailing, but not the whole show.

Perhaps I'll check them out today in person. But don't worry! I'm not in the market for another bag (though I don't have a black tote...hmmm...), but they are having their Winter Sale and I have a $25 gift card that's burning a hole in my wallet. So maybe. I have an eye on this great basic top and this one too. I just love turtlenecks. But will also use the opportunity to check out new Spring things...though not much desire to try on. It's still cold...not that I'm complaining, I'm giddy to see the rain.


wyn said...

Yeah, that white tote looks NICE on a shelf... and first use. I'm too low-maintenance to keep such a bag clean, too. That shoulder bag is so cute... kinda posh. =)

Michelle said...

exactly! Just my luck, I wouldn't be able to get the bag out the door without getting a scratch or a spot or a smudge on it. I have a straw bag that is already dirty. And it's almost impossible to clean.

Pretty Eastern said...

That ruched top looks very feminine and flattering.