I love this stuff! This is going to be a short review, seeing as this is a holiday item. Stores will probably stop carrying it, and they'll undoubtedly come out with a different set next Christmas. I remember last Christmas's version had "Muffin Man" Lemon flavored instead of the "Milk Man" Chocolate Milk flavor. But anyway...I love this stuff.

Not only does is provide incredible shine with a hint of color and sparkle, they are not too sticky or tacky. That is what I hate about some of these shine glosses, like MAC Lipglass. I hate that stuff. I tried Sephora's version, but after a while, I couldn't stand it and threw it out. But the philosophy lip shines are just awesome and they smell and taste good to boot.

This gives me hope that their line of other lip glosses will be just as good. Something to get me through the non-Holiday times of year. I'm especially excited about Mimosa and Raspberry Sorbet. Yummmm.

For those "Kiss Me" users, these lip shines are not the same. They are more glossy and stickier, but not too bad. They melt down a little into the lips, but not like the lip balms. Same great applicator, though.

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