Hubby talked to the vet today about the results of the bloodwork. Nothing indicated a cause for the seizures. However, seizures do occur in older dogs like her. (There's even a name for it). She's 11....we think. We're not really sure. When she was adopted from the shelter, they estimated her age to be 1. We got her about 3 or 4 years ago. Hubby told the vet the theory about separation anxiety and the excitement of New Years Eve. She thought that it is quite plausible that it could put her brain over the edge.


The blood tests did reveal that she is losing some kidney function. I wouldn't really say "failure", but it's something they want to test for every 6 months. Good thing their next regular appointment is in 6 months anyway. And if her next test results come back worse, they can prescribe some special food that will help her.

If, however, she has more seizures (which she hasn't...knock on wood) and they happen on a regular basis, they can prescribe drugs. Phenobarbisomething. So, we have options.

She'll continue to have a high quality of life. This seems to be just a little blip in the radar.

Hopefully, the last one for a long time.

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