I did pretty good with the resolutions in 2006. Let us review.

#1 - Didn't work out so well, though I did pick up a healthy habit of getting back into horseback riding (in itself quite the workout).

#2 - Um, yeah....didn't wear it as often, though now have Sis-in-Law living with us, so not exactly a good idea.

#3 - Our relationship keeps getting better and better. Why resolve to do this, it should be a daily mantra.

#4 - Ah, the yeast infections. I used to get them all the time. So, I took some steps to help prevent them - and found that Zand's Candida Quick Cleanse is a miracle, in addition to a good acidophilus supplement.

#5 - Visa card not paid off, but really close to it. Mostly has Christmas purchases and trip expenses.

#6 - I did the max this year, and it wasn't too hard.

#7 - Not just one designer purse, but 3. The black Coach small hobo, the straw Coach large hobo, and the beautiful Dooney Croc Tote I just got.

Now - for *2007* - New Resolutions

#1 - Pay off credit card debt - not just Visa, but Dell (for the computer) as well. And a companion resolution - make dent in Home Equity Loan.

#2 - Don't agree to go to Vegas again, unless for "Girlie Trip" that will involve going to see Thunder from Down Under and other debauchery.

#3 - Stick with the riding lessons. They are enjoyable and good for health - physical and mental.

#4 - Contribute to 401(k). We're just starting a new program at work, so I resolve to contribute 6% of my pre-tax income. Yikes!

#5 - Contribute more to Hubby's IRA - he has a pension that he contributes to the max, so this isn't as big of a deal. But saving is never a bad thing.

#6 - Eat healthier and better. This is a big one. Hubby & I really should eat foods that are better, rather than cheaper or more plentiful. We're willing so spend a little bit more to have fresher ingredients and less waste. (Hubby hated throwing away all that food during the power outage.) More whole foods, less processed foods. Eat out less often, and if so, less fast food (though, Hubby is more guilty of this than I am).

#7 - Wake up on time! I'm horrible with the snooze button. I'd rather get a few more zzzz's than dry my hair. And they payoff is minimal. I should just get up. There may be a time where I should shift my work schedule earlier, and then I could take the Sounder Train.

#8 - Save up for that house. Though we may end up not moving after all, it'll be good to have that money in the bank.

#9 - Speaking of "in the bank", we need to work harder on building our emergency savings. That whole 3 - 6 months of expenses will come in handy during a .... emergency.

So there's the things I need to work on. Here's to a great 2007.


Lys said...

GREAT resolutions and you did well in 2006. I love that - not one but 3 designer bags ;)

Also - I hear ya on the emergency fund. I keep trying to start mine, but have to keep dippin'.. ugh!

6% to 401(k) - do you have a company match, if you don't mind me askin'...

VEGAS? THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER??? Did I hear right.. Hmmmmm

Meredith said...

As for eating better, I've been told to "shop the perimeter" of the grocery store. That's where all the good for you food is: dairy, produce, meats. I try to do that, only going into the aisles for cleaning stuff. Good luck with 2007!

wyn said...

#2 from last year was a riot! Haha.
You did good last year anyhow because despite not making all of them, you displayed keeping at those resolutions all year by making most part of them.

For #2 this year, I thought Vegas was a beloved anniversary-entwined sojourn with Hubby. Looking forward muchly to your recap in future posts!