And taste good, too!

I've eating these things like candy...and the best part, beside them working on my sore throat, is that each flavor has a different germy design. Cute!

After taking a day off, I am feeling a bit better. Although, my appetite isn't what it usually is. Which is too bad, because I had all these meals planned for the week, like London Broil with Bearnaise and Thai-style stir fry with Peanut Sauce. Usually these would sound delicious, but today....not so much.

I can't wait until things return to normal.

P.S. Pics of house to go up soon. And to make clarification of my "retro" Christmas look, I was only referring to the lights themselves. They're the large painted lights that were so popular in the 70's and 80's. I used to hate the things as everyone had them. But now I find them completely charming and simple. And also, few others have them.


wyn said...

Those lozenges do look good! Haha, since I don't want to be immobilized this winter, I bought Fisherman's Friend in case I get sick. Hoping the packaging will simply make me shape up quickly!

Hmmm, London Broil with Bearnaise sauce sounds good... probably because it sounds like Hollandaise to me (yeah, that's so dumb) and I haven't the faintest what your dish is all about.

Michelle said...

Actually, you're right about the hollandaise. bearnaise is essentially the same, with the addition of tarragon. or, that's what I hear. Bearnaise is a traditional accompaniment to london broil (a large steak)