Thanks for all the well wishes. We got our power back last night.

Staying at my parents house made me realize one thing.....It's not home anymore. It felt strange sleeping in my old room, using my old bathroom, etc. It was hard to get a full nights rest, despite the comfy surroundings. It's like I was staying at a Bed & Breakfast.

I think the dogs felt the same way. Kenai took it particularly hard not having a yard where he could run freely. Bandit wouldn't eat all that much. I had to give her meds in balls of cream cheese.

But all I can say, is that it's nice to be home. It's the first night of restful sleep I had in a while. And it's nice to know that we have friends that are willing to help us when we're in need (which is less than I can say about our neighbors who never lost power). We'll return the favor gladly.

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Lys said...

I'm so happy you are home - and the dogs will be thrilled to be in their own home. As for your neighbor - Karma will smack 'em... that's for sure :)

Thank god the power's back before Christmas! YEA!