My london broil turned out great! Basically, I took a nice piece of top round, slathered it with olive oil, and seasoned with garlic salt and freshly cracked pepper. Broiled for 7 minutes on each side (for medium rare). Let rest then slice thinly on the bias.

For the Bearnaise sauce, I used a packet. I know! I'm such a gourmand! How could I possibly use the packet? Well...considering how difficult it is to make the real thing, the packet would have proven more successful anyway. (Most recipes that require a double-boiler are difficult in my book). The packet mix is really pretty good. And from what I hear, what many restuarants use as well. We did alter the recipe a little. It calls to add a cup of milk, we added half milk, and half half & half. So super rich!

To counteract the fat content, I made up a side of steamed organic cauliflower sprinkled with bread crumbs, parmesan, garlic salt, pepper. YUM.

I'm glad that I felt good enough to enjoy it all!

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Lys said...

Packet/schmacket - as long as it came out great and you enjoyed it - just deem it Semi-Homemade - hell - Sandra Lee got a cooking show out of it :) (well that and her penchant for cocktails but we won't go there). I totally agree about the double boiler ... too scary for this blonde.

Glad to see you are feelin' better!!!