Gonna keep it short today.

- I'm feeling sick again. Oh no! Must have been from a weekend of partying. I'm really feeling older than I am. It sucks! I'm hitting the Airborne and hot tea, and later, Chloraseptic.

- But then we wouldn't have gotten our education in Tequila from the great manager at the new nearby Mexican restaurant. I think we agreed, of the 3 we tried, Herradura was the best. I've haven't gotten that drunk without getting sick. Suppose that's what you get when go with quality, and eat a bunch of food.

- Going back to the Old Spaghetti Factory in Tacoma brought back some memories. Not because of the restaurant itself, or even the food, but because it's on the campus of my alma mater, University of Washington Tacoma. At the time it wasn't, but the school grew around it and bought the building where it's located. Amazing how much the scenery has changed!

- Working on my Christmas gifts. I packaged up the hot cocoa mix that I made. I put them in non-festive plastic-zip baggies, then put those in these metal canisters that I kept from, the floral arrangements at my wedding reception, then those were wrapped with green cellophane, tied with twistie tie that I recycled from the produce department, and tied with a pretty gilt ribbon. I think I'll be making homemade marshmallows (though from the reviews, the recipe does not match the TV version...too bad), and mulling cider packets (just cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, whole peppercorns, and maybe star anise - 'cause they're pretty). But I haven't gotten to that yet. Also starting to think of the snacky gifts that I give the men in the family. I'm thinking savory items, like nuts and the like, to counter all the sweets that are in abundance during this time of the year.

- OH! And we got our Christmas lights up. And they look great. I'm digging the retro look lights.


wyn said...

Retro look to your lights? I'm curious what your arrangement looks like! =)

Lys said...

Hope you get better!!!! Time to break out the Southwest Chicken Soup recipe.

What great gift ideas!! please post pics - Wyn's on to something!! Can't wait to see decorations.

emigre said...

Airborne is great, ginseng tea helps too.

Yvett said...

See you should've taken the Tequila after you started feeling sick. Herradura is sooo good. I think it has the highest alcohol content. I also like 1800. Both will take a cough away quickly. :)

I agree, we need to see pics. Please. Hope you feel better, Michelle!