Last night was my first opportunity to tackle all the things I put off during the power outage. Since there was no fresh food in the house, take out was in order. Hubby requested KFC, because he didn't feel like pizza. Whatever. Those honey BBQ boneless wings rule, so whatever.

Since the fridge was practically empty with the exception of ketchup and unopened items (jams, salad dressings), this was a good time to actually clean the refrigerator. Really clean it. Take the shelves out and everything clean it. I took it a step further, as it seems that every piece can be taken out - including the part that holds the produce drawers. And they were quite yucky. I put what I could in the dishwasher, but most everything else had to be washed by hand. Good thing there's a switch inside the fridge to turn of the fridge, so it wasn't cold to clean. I used Method's Pink Grapefruit All-Purpose Cleaner - smells good and it not-toxic. By the time I was done, however, I couldn't smell the cleaner or anything else. Even before I started cleaning, it's really wasn't that bad - smell OR mess-wise. Baking soda really does its job!

Freezer wasn't bad - potential for mess is lessened I suppose. But it was much colder. I didn't want to use the spray, lest it freeze. But now it's all clean and I feel a lot better about it. Am considering buying a fridge thermometer.

And tonight - Friday Night! - I will be spending at my local Safeway to shop for groceries. Woot!

And laundry!


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