For once, the weatherpeople are correct - the windstorm came and blew across our region, leaving a trail of destruction and power outages behind. The wind I expected. The torrential downpour during my very short walk to my car, however, was a surprise. I was drenched in the matter of 2 or 3 minutes. And I had an umbrella.

It's all about attitude though. I knew a drive home would have been faster than the bus - because of the Thursday Night Football traffic (poor Hubby went to the game, and his seat was not covered). Despite leaving early, I was still caught in a bit of traffic. But spirits were still high. At least I was in my car, nice and warm (well....drying off, at least), with plenty of gas, and the radio cranked. It was a slow go, and fun to avoid all the standing water. It was hydroplane city. I stopped by Target on the way home to get some batteries and other supplies.

When I got home, I lit some candles. But didn't really need them until this morning. The wind was howling last night. So much so that it kept us up, and I had to put on earplugs. Never had I heard the wind blow so loudly. It shook the house, even.

So now the power is out. To add insult, many of our neighbors have their power still. The street on both sides of us have power. Ours does not. I'm thinking we should borrow some electricity. If it's not back on when I get home, I'm going to the gym. At least there I can watch TV and take a shower. Oh...and work out, I guess.

But now I've made it to work. A little late, but I'm here. Some of the buses came, despite the reroutes due to fallen trees and/or power poles. Rarely have I been so glad to be at work.

So, how's your morning going?

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Yvett said...

Yikes! I hope the power is back on when you get home.