For many in the Northwest, we have fond memories of Frangos. They're quite the tradition. Originally made by Frederick & Nelson, people were panicked when the stores closed. And they were stock piling whatever they could. But the Frango would live on. (Mind you, this is not the Marshall Fields Frango, which is not the same recipe - though it was based off the original.) But another local department store - The Bon Marche - purchased the Frango recipe and rights and continue to make them today, though now under new ownership and Macy's name. (Though, looking at the ones they're selling on Macys.com - they're not the original ones either, they're the Marshall Fields one. Boo! The original ones come in a hexagonal shaped box and are individually wrapped, like in the pic.)

Trying to stay away as best I can from too many sweets, I try to steer clear of these awesome truffles. But with all the new flavors, I'm still curious. While helping a friend do his Christmas shopping, I wanted to stop by the Lancome counter at Macy's to see if they were doing a gift with purchase (they weren't). But at the front of the entrance, there was a huge Frango display complete with it's own cash register. And the signs made it even more tempting - 15% OFF! These things hardly ever go on sale. And so our friend decided to give Frangos this year, and Hubby and I decided to try a couple of new flavors - White Mint and Mint Cookies & Cream. (I think the original Mint is the best). Our friend couldn't resist getting some for himself either.

When we got home, I put some of the chocolates in my Santa candy dish. Our friend gave us our box of Frangos - an assorted pack. Both of the flavors we got were white chocolate, and throwing in some of the milk chocolate varieties added some interest in the candy dish. I do have to add, though, that I don't think the assortment is worth it - you always end up with a disproportionate amount of mint flavor. It didn't take long for everyone to eat all the Frangos in the dish. The Mint Cookies & Cream is devine! So, I'm not allowed to put anymore candy in the dish until more people come over.

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