My parents have finally experienced the plight of not having a bona-fide dining set. We have a little dining set - table and four chairs, that is perfect for residing in the breakfast nook. But for a larger gathering, it doesn't do.

You might remember me mentioning that our current dining table is an outdoor patio table. And we use the chairs from the other set. I know...it's so bad. But when you put a tablecloth over it, you don't see the umbrella hole.

So yesterday, Mom calls me asking if we would like a new dining table. And I said yes. She said she went to Ikea and saw a great wood table in the As Is section. It happened to be in great condition...AND fully assembled. I said I'd talk to Hubby, but he probably wouldn't mind. As long as it's wood.

Later, she calls and said she bought it and could we go over there an pick it up.

WTF? "You bought it already?"

It was in the back of their truck, but they couldn't park the truck in the garage with the table in it. The legs were sticking up to high. (Mind you, it was sitting upside-down on a new mattress set they bought for my brother). They conceded and drove it over to our place, where Hubby helped Dad carry it inside the garage. Good thing. It's solid wood, and heavy. It even has an extension leaf. Woo hoo!

By this point, it was past all of our bedtimes. And when I finally went to bed, I couldn't help but dream about holiday placesettings (complete with chargers), table linens, and centerpieces.

P.S. Still no chairs, but Mom said she'd buy us those later if she sees any matching ones that are of a good price. Always the bargain hunter, her.

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NY KAT said...

I discovered your blog lately and I love reading it! Good luck finding chairs for the table!