4th Day without power - out since early Friday morning. It's freaking cold, too! We've been staying with my parents. In my old room even, newly remodeled. Very strange. Dogs are confused. We emptied the fridge. We took some things out of the freezer that are almost thawed. Mom's cooking those. We both keep calling the house to see if the answering machine picks up, meaning there's power.

I called Puget Sound Energy to report my outage. They have an automated system with information and whatnot. They received 50 calls about our particular outage, 158 customers are affected by the same outage (that's it!), and no estimate as to when power will be restored. At first we were hoping that we'd get it back by the end of the weekend. Now we're hoping we'll get it back by next weekend. Ugh.

This is really cramping our style. But at least we have friends and family with power with hospitality to spare. We're treating it like an adventure. But I'm sure tired. I find it very difficult to sleep at my parents' house. I'm not sure why. I think I'm just really anxious about the whole thing...wondering when I'll be able to stay at home. I swear it was warmer outside than it was inside our house. And my parents are happy to have us. It's been nice to be taken care of though, and spend time with my parents just hanging out. Cheesy, I know.

We're really jealous of our neighbors, most of which have power. Our street is sandwiched with streets that have power. I just wish they'd tone down their holiday light displays. I know they don't mean to rub it in, but it feels as though they're flaunting the fact that they never lost power to begin with.

Now Hubby wants a generator for Christmas.


wyn said...

I missed the whole storm that also hit Vancouver that night because I flew out earlier that day. A city is SO peaceful after the storm. From your previous post, I'm really happy to hear that you braved the traffic without freaking out - the world needs more of that!

Anonymous said...

Next weekend! In our area of Enumclaw we lost power Thurs night and it was restored late Saturday night. Even with heat, gas range, and a generator we were more than ready.