So Starbucks are all now Christmas'ed out.


I got a mini eggnog loaf - a tiny little bread loaf, and they had three different coffee sleeve colors to choose from. I got the blue one, though the other ones were just as cute. Though I rarely deviate from my usual grande nonfat latte, the peppermint mocha and eggnog lattes are musts to enjoy in the winter. Like pumpkin spice must be enjoyed in the fall (and I have).

Apparently, they're not even in the full Christmas swing. Customers are just starting to want the holiday flavors now, so this is "Holiday-Lite" time right now. When they really go all out, I don't think can handle it.

But for now, you can check out their holiday gift guide and annual holiday web site.


Lys said...

THIS IS TORTURE MICHELLE - T.O.R.T.U.R.E!!!! Now I've got to go to Starbucks today - I was trying to resist and poof - that's it :)

Not like I needed much prodding...

wyn said...

I can't resist egg nog lattes wherever they are offered during the winter season! It is so quintessentially Christmas. =)